Investor FAQs

General company information


Where and when was Prime Focus Limited (PFL) incorporated?

Prime Focus Limited was incorporated as a limited company under the Companies Act, 1956 in Mumbai on June 24, 1997.


What are the key areas of business for Prime Focus?

Prime Focus Limited (PFL) has today emerged as the world’s largest independent and integrated media services powerhouse, employing over 8,800 professionals in 17 cities across 4 continents and 7 Time zones. The company provides end-to-end creative services (visual effects, stereo 3D conversion, animation), technology products & services (Media ERP Suite and Cloud-enabled media services), production services (shooting floors/sound stages, equipment rental) and post production services (Digital Intermediate, sound, picture post) to Studios, Broadcast and Advertising industries.

Prime Focus is behind path breaking technologies like CLEAR (Hybrid Cloud technology enabled Media ERP platform), Primetime Emmy® award-winning DAX Digital Dailies® and View-D™ (stereoscopic 2D to 3D conversion). Leveraging its Global Digital Pipeline and pioneering delivery model WorldSourcing®, the company partners with content creators at every stage of the process ensuring creative enablement, work flow efficiencies and cost optimization.


What is Prime Focus Group’s corporate structure?



What is the employee strength of Prime Focus?

Prime Focus has over 8,800 professionals in 17 cities across 4 continents and 7 Time zones.


Where are Prime Focus’ offices located?

The group has offices in Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Cape Town, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Johannesburg, Kolkata, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Chennai, Montreal, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.


Who is on Prime Focus’ Board of Directors?

  1. Mr. Namit Malhotra, Director
  2. Mr. Naresh Malhotra, Whole Time Director
  3. Mr. Ramakrishnan Sankaranarayanan, Director
  4. Mr. Kodi Raghavan Srinivasan, Director
  5. Mr. Padmanabha Gopal Aiyar, Director
  6. Mr. Devarajan Samu, Director
  7. Mr. Hemalatha Thiagarajan, Director
  8. Mr. Vibhav Parikh

Who are Prime Focus’ independent auditors?

Prime Focus’ independent auditor is M/s. Deloitte Haskins and Sells, Chartered Accountants (registration no. 117364W)

Financial Information


What is the revenue and profit of Prime Focus for the last financial year?

Consolidated Revenue and Adjusted EBITDA for FY ’20 is at Rs. 30,132 mn and Rs. 6,143 mn, respectively.


What is the percentage of revenue from India and Rest of the world?

12% of revenue is from India and 88% from rest of the world in FY ’20.


What is the 5-year revenue and profit CAGR of Prime Focus?

Revenue 6%
Adjusted EBITDA 15%

What is Revenue contribution from each business segment?

% Shareholding  
Creative Services (VFX and 3D services) 85%
Technology Services 10%
Film & Media Services 5%

What is the debt in its balance sheet? How much of it is dollar related?

Net Debt for the company as on Mar31, 2021 is at Rs. 35,264 mn and approximately 71% of it is dollar related.

Other Information


When was Prime Focus’ Initial Public Offering and at what Price?

In 2006, Prime Focus entered the capital markets with a public issue of Rs. 1.15 bn at a price band of Rs. 450-500 which was later revised to Rs. 417-500. The issue opened on May 25 and closed on June 3, 2006 receiving 1.23 times subscription. Its shares began trading on Bombay Stock Exchange and National stock Exchange on June 20, 2006.


On which stock exchanges are Prime Focus shares listed and what are the codes?

Exchange code PFOCUS 532748
Reuters code PRFO.NS PRFO.BO
Bloomberg code PRIF:IN  

What is the registered share capital?

The registered share capital is Rs. 299,165,645. The number of registered shares amounts to 299,165,645 with a nominal value of Rs. 1 each as on March 31, 2021


Historic share price data at year end for the last 5 years:

  Share Price
2021 64.7
2020 43.5
2019 39.4
2018 41.6
2017 40.3

What is the credit rating of the company?

India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) has given Prime Focus Limited (PFL) a Long-Term Issuer Rating of ‘IND BBB’ as on July 23, 2020


When does the financial year of Prime Focus end?

Prime Focus’ financial year (12-month accounting period) ends on March 31 from 2018 onwards.


When is the AGM held and where?

AGM for FY ‘21 was held on 30th September, 2021 through VC


What is the address of the registered office of Prime Focus?

The address of the registered office of Prime Focus is as below:
Prime Focus House
Linking Road, Khar (West)
Mumbai- 400052, India.
Phone: +91-22-6715 5000


What is the date of release of next quarterly financial results?

As a public company, Prime Focus is required to file quarterly financials based on the guidelines set forth by Securities and Exchange Board of India, which is within 45 days of quarter ending and annual financials within 60 days of end of financial year.


Does Prime Focus pay dividends?

No dividend has been declared during the year in order to preserve funds for future activities. Future declaration of dividends on Prime Focus stock is at the sole discretion of the Prime Focus Board of Directors.